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News - 2004

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23.12.2004 - Tony ( Anthony Brdské Zlato ) has his own gallery now. You can see it HERE

11.12.2004 - We were at Christmas party in Training centre for asistent dogs  Helppes with Mimi and Aireen today. We met there also Tony ( Anthony Brdské Zlato ) with his owners. We enjoyed the party a lot and met many fine people and dogs. Aireen and Mimi were little bit afraid of devil but they were nice and he didn´t took them to hell. You can see some photos in gallery Winter 2004/2005.

17.11.2004 - All our puppies are happy in their new homes and with their new owners. We get news about them and also their photos which you can see in our Gallery.                                                                                                                   Because puppies look so promising we kept one bitch puppy. Her name is Aireen Brdské Zlato and she´s cute golden Teddy-bear.

6.10. 2004 Today have our puppies 7 weeks birthday. All of them have new owners and we are already sad about upcoming parting. All puppies are very cute and promising and similar in type. You can see show poise photos of some pupies in photogallery and we´ll add rest of them soon. Boys are now about 7kg and girls just little bit less. They are playing all day in our garden and loves to splasch in little basin. They aren´t feeling cold at all with their thick coats even in chilly autmn weather :o)

29.9. 2004 Puppies are 6 weeks old just today. They´ll be for a third time dewormed and also tattooed this week. Microchip aplication and first vaccination will be done in seventh week. Weight of boys is about 5 kg and girls 4,5 kg. They are nicely eating wetted puppy food and are drinking from mum only occasionally. They improve their diet in garten with apples and gages which they like a lot. You can see clearly nature of each puppy now. Puppy games are increasing in speed and intensity and puppies are playing a lot also with mum. She´s happy with it despite their sharp teth. Mum is learning them what to do with apples, balls and dummies and puppies mimic her. They carry all the time something in their mouth like a true retrievers. You can prove that they are more and more lovely in photogallery LITTER A !!!


 18.9.2004 - Puppies are 4 and half weeks old are very lively and are spending much more time with playing and are sleeping less. They like best to be outside playing on the grass where they are not feeling hot in their thick coats. The are exploring  and tasting grass, leaves, branches and apples and at all enjoying life. They get wetted puppy food 4x daily in spite of mother is still nursing them even they have sharp teeth. You can find a lot of new photos in photogallery !!!

13.9.2004 - Father of our puppies JCH SK Ashbury Touch The Sky passed eyes check for hereditary disseases for a second time with negative result !!!

13.9.2004 - puppies are nearly 4 weeks old, can climb out of a box and are exploring world. Weight of males is nearly 3kg and females 2,5kg. They are walking surely and are trying to run and jump. They have decidous teeth and are trying them on toys, siblings and poor mother. Puppies are playing a lot together and sometimes also with mum. They get puppy pellets wetted in puppy milk 3x dayly and they like it a lot. Puppies have so thick coats that we have to ventilate all the time otherwice they are feeling hot. They´ll be second time dewormed this wednesday.

12.9.2004 - Father of our pupppies JCH SK Ashbury Touch The Sky passed water hunting exam with first price and CACT title !!! We congratulate heartily!

7.9.2004 - puppies are nearly 3 weeks old and are doing fine. Weight of males is about 1850g and females 1750g. Puppies can see and hear, can stand up and make few steps. They started to be interested in toys and play together. Puppies are able to drink milk from bowl even some milk is still ending in their coat instead of in their stomach. They are one time dewormed in age of two weeks and have 4x clipped nails so they don´t scratch their mum so much. All puppies have very good pigmentation, thick coat and nice made heads as you can see in photogallery. Only one bitch puppy is still free, all others have new families waiting for them eagerly. I add new photos into a photogallery LITTER A every day !

18.8.2004 - our Mimi - Delibes´s Golden Marian become a proud mother of 9 puppies.
We have 6 sweet girls and 3 handsome boys.
They are all light and alike.
We´ll add new photos in to photogallery continuously.

9.7. 2004 - Ultrasound confirmed that our Mimi - Delibes´s Goldem Marian is pregnant !!!
How wonderfull present to her second birthday.

Mimi - Delibes´s Golden Marian was mated with JCH SK Ashbury Touch The Sky 17. and 19.6.2004.

We were with Mimi - Delibes´s Golden Marian at dwo dog shows in Slovakia last weekend in May. There was International Dog Show in Nitra on Saturday and Special hunting Dog Show in Senec on Sunday. Judge was Mr. Šulcek from Czech Republic for both shows. Mimi - Delibes´s Golden Marian was Excellent 2. place res.CAC on Saturday and Excellent 1. place CAC on Sunday.
Our pretty lady is now expectant for Champion of Czech, Slovakia, Hungary and Interchampion. Special Show was placed in very nice surrounding in Zlaté Piesky and our dogs enjoyed best swimming and retrieving from water after judging in hot weather.

We were with our Mimi - Delibes´s Golden Marian at International Dog Show in Litoměřice 22.5.2004. Mimi gained mark Excellent 1 and CAC title in large intermediate class and then she added also res.CACIB title. Congratulations to our pretty girl !!!

Delibes´s Golden Marian - CAC & r.CACIB

We were at Special Club Show in castle Konopiště 15.5.2004. Show was placed in very nice surrounding in castle park and we met there many friends. Our Mimi - Delibes´s Golden Marian was in a huge competition of 25 bitches in intermediate class excellent 4. place. Congratulations!

There was also eyes checking by MVDr. Beránek at this Club show. Our Mimi - Delibes´s Golden Marian has healthy eyes with no marks of hereditary disseases. We are very happy!

Delibes´s Golden Marian

We were at regional dog show in castle Kačina 8.5.2004. Dog show was in beautifull castle park and we met many friends there. It was nice Saturday for owners and dogs also. They were playing together and swiming after dog show. Judge ing. Korda was strict and there were only few excellents. Our Mimi - Delibes´s Golden Marian was Excellent 1, winner of class, congratulations!

We were with our Mimi - Delibes´s Golden Marian at International dog show 2x CACIB in Miskolc Hungary on eastern weekend 10. and 11.4.2004. It was great succes of our Mimi. We brought home 2x CAC and 2x CACIB from Hungary !!! We are so happy !