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MCH & DualCH Delibes´s Golden Marian "U"


Expectant of titles Austrian Champion and Interchampion

MCH Delibes´s Golden Marian "U" - 4 roky    

Breeder: Vesa Hynninen (Finland)

Owner: MVDr. Libuše Štorková

  • Born: 11.7.2002

  • HD: BB

  • ED: free

  • OCD: free

  • Eyes: clear (11/2007)

  • Hereditary heart and thyroid gland disseases: free

  • Height: 54 cm

  • Weight: 30 kg

  • Teeth: complete denture, scissors bite

  • Congeniality: 10 generations 13,10%, 12 generations 16,71%

  • Working tests: OVVR, Canistherapeutic exam, KSZVP I. price - r.CACT, KPZ I. price - CACT & Winner of KPZ, MVZPR - I. price CACT, Czech Working Champion, I. International competition for retrievers III. price

  • Dog shows: Class winner, 8x r.CAC, 13x CAC, 5x r.CACIB, 2x CACIB, National Winner

Mimi is our first golden retriever and she´s all what we hoped in. She isn´t only pretty but also very healthy and has wonderfull nature. She´s kind, calm and good. These her qualities and her big love for all people make her perfect dog for canistherapy. We are visiting little childrean and disabled children in nursery. Mimi loves this work and our little clients.

We started with hunting training in two years of age but Mimi is doing great and is working very nicely and reliably. She passed several hunting test with I.price and already gained two CACT  and one r.CACT titles which makes her Czech Working Champion and also become "U" - Universal hunting dog !!! Mimi works regulary at shootings together with her children.

All puppies from Mimi´s first Litter A are doing great and we are very proud of them! They already gained many titles at Dog shows in Czech and also abroad (2x BOB puppy, 6x CAJC, 5x BOB Junior, 3x BOB, BIG2, BIG3, BIS Junior, res. BIS Junior, CC, 2x Juniorchampion, 3x Champion, 22x CAC, 14x r.CAC, BOS, Special show winner, resCACIB, 5x CACIB). Puppies have also wonderfull temperaments and excellent hunting abilities. Mimi´s daughter JCH & CH Aireen Brdské Zlato "U" won in 10 months Basic hunting test with full marks, Autumn hunting test in 12 months and passed National Field Trial with I.price in 15 months. She also passed Autumn hunting test with r.CACT and Special water works hunting test with I.price. Aireen is "U" - Universal hunting dog as her mum. Arctic Brdské Zlato, JCH & CH Arctic Sky Brdské Zlato and Amy-Bett Brdské Zlato passed Basic huntig test also with I. price. Arctic Brdské Zlato also passed Special water works hunting test and Autumn hunting test. Allain Brdské zlato passed basic hunting test and also RH-E and ZPV A tests for rescue dogs. We are happiest from great results of HD, ED and OCD X-rays of all puppies from this litter (HD 3x AA, 1x AB, 1x BA, 1x BC and 1x BVA 8:5, ED 7x 0/0, OCD 6x negative) and clear eyes. We kept JCH & CH Aireen Brdské Zlato "U" from this litter in our kennel.

Mimi´s second Litter Be My is also very nice and succesfull. Puppies are doing fine at dog shows and also work. They already gained these dog show titles: 9x Very promising 1. place, 2x BOB Puppy, 5x CAJC, 7x r.CAC, 4x r.CC, 3x CAC, 5x CC, 4x BOS, 2x r.CACIB, JCH, Est CH and Fi CH, BOV. They have the same strong hunting abilities as Mimi´s first litter. JCH Be My X-mas Angel Brdské Zlato won basic hunting test with full marks in age of 8 months and so did also her brother Be My Heart Brdské Zlato. He excelled at Autumn hunting test which he passed with full marks in tender age of 10 months. Jilly also passed KSZVP, PZ, WT and gained r.CACT title at International Field trial. Be My X-mas Star Brdské Zlato passed dificult NOU hunting test in Finland in 8 months of age. Health results of this liter are so far HD 3x AA, 2x BB, 1x CD, ED 7x 0/0, OCD 3x negative. We kept lovely JCH Be My X-mas Angel Brdské Zlato in our kennel.

Mimi´s third and last Litter Deep developed very nice.  All siblings are of very good exterior, have well developed hunting abilities adn very balanced and friendly temperament.These 3 siblings gained already at dog shows these titles: 2x Very promising 1. place, 2x CAJC, 9x r.CAC, 22x CAC, 2x r.CACIB, National Winner and 2x CH CZ, CH SK, CH PL, MultiCH.  They are all doing fine also in hunting training with their owners. Sarah - Deep Desire Brdské zlato passed OVVR (basic hunting ability test) with full marks and I. price. Both her brothers also passed OVVR succesfully only 2 weeks later. Sarah and Jim - Deep Delight Brdské zlato passed also PZ hunting test in 15 months of age and Sarah gained r.CACT title! Sarah passed also successfuly FTR with II. price and won 2x CACT title at Forest hunting test. Sarah passed also most difficult hunting test MVZPR and so gained her "U" title. She gained next r.CACT title at PZ hunting test and also gained wonderfull 2. place at St. Wenceslau cup 2012. Sarah passed difficult Dejmek´s Memorial with I. price. Sarah finaly gained CACT title at ZPR hunting test and so became Czech Working Champion and also Dual Champion! Dean - Deep Devotion Brdské zlato passed basic obedience test ZOP and PZ hunting test with I. price. Jim - Deep Delight Brdské zlato "U" passed in 2011 LZ and SZVP both in I. price and with r.CACT titles and also most difficult MVZPR hunting test. Complete health results are HD 1x AA and 2x BB, ED 3x 0/0, OCD 3x negative and all have clear eyes.

Mimi´s progeny:

Litter A - ( 18.8.2004, ICH, MCH, JCH Ashbury Touch the Sky X DualCH & MCH Delibes´s Golden Marian "U")

Litter Be My - (15.12.2006, CH Ashbury Angel Heart X DualCH & MCH Delibes´s Golden Marian "U")

Litter Deep - (28.6.2008, Ronjalee Ragamuffin at Motlaisa, JW X DualCH & MCH Delibes´s Golden Marian "U")

Five-generations pedigree with photos and informations

Mimi´s gallery & 1. litter & 2. litter & 3. litter & Senior

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