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In memoriam


JCH CRO & SK, CH CZ Caline Bambou du Bois de la Rayere "U"


Bambou - 12 měsíců     Bambou - 20 months

Breeder: Mr. Bruno Facq

Owner: MVDr. Libuše Štorková & Mgr. Martina Hrebíčková

  • Born: 31.8.2007

  • HD: BB

  • ED: 0/0

  • OCD: Clear

  • Genetic tests: PRA-prcd N/N, GR PRA1 N/N, GR PRA2 N/N

  • Eyes: Clear (22.1.2014)

  • Hereditary heart and thyroid gland disseases: Clear

  • Height: 53cm

  • Weight: 28kg

  • Teeth: complete denture, scissors bite

  • Congeniality: 10 generations 11,56%, 12 generations 14.76%

  • Working Tests: OVVR Winner with full marks, unoficial PZ Roudná 2009 -2. place, SZVP III. price, Aros Open Cup Winner - PZ II. price, MVZPR III. price, KPZ I. price, full marks CACT, 3. Aros Open Cup - I. price, KSZVP I. price

  • Dog Shows: 4x VP1, BIS4 Baby, BIS3 Puppy, 8x CAJC, 3x BOB Junior, 5x r.CAC, 9x CAC, National Winner, r.CACIB

We imported our little Bambou together with my friend Martina from France. We are very happy Mr. Bruno Facq trust us so much and gave us this wonderfull lady.  Bambou is doing great at show ring. She´s really show girl and has wonderfull movement and excellent body construction. She gained many titles in diferent countries. Bambou has also very good hunting abilities. She has very good nose, loves to work with game and loves water. She won her first basic hunting test with full marks and passed also very difficult SZVP hunting test. Bambou woks excellent also at pheasant shootings. We are very happy with her nice health results!

Bambou´s first puppies are already young dogs. Their dog show results are very nice (BOB Puppy, BD2, BD4, BB3, r.CC, 4x CC, 2x BOB Junior, BOS Junior, BOS, CAJC, 2x r.CAC). Rooney - Give Me Good Stuf Brdské zlato passed OVVR test with I. price and higher hunting test PZ also with I. price. Alice - Give When You Get Brdské zlato passed very successfully RBP2. Health results of this litter are HD 1x AA, 1x BB, 1x AC, 2x CC and ED 4x 0/0 and 1x 0/1.

Puppies from Bambou´s second litter just attended their first dog shows and results are great: 2x BIS Puppy, BIS4, 2x BIS2, 3x BOB Baby, 5x CCQ, 5x CAJC, 2x BOB Junior,2x r.CAC, 6x CAC, 2x r.CACB, 4x BOS, 3x BOB, BIG, Juniorchampion, 2x Champion. They are all developing very promising and has excellent temperament. Kira passed successfully basic hunting test OVVR with I. price. Also Bady and Elsa passed OVVR. Bady passed Canistherapeutic exam with full points! Health results of this litter are: HD 4x AA, 1x BB, 1x BC, 3x CC, ED 9x 0/0.

Bambou´s third puppies Dog show results: 4x Exc.1, 2x CAJC, BOB Junior, 3x r.CAC, CAC, KV, Vítěz Dětřichova. Dorotka passed OVVR test with full points only 10 months old and her sister Finny with I. price and high poins 12 months old. Finny the excelled at her first higher hunting tests where she achieved 4x I. price and also her first titles CACT and Winner of the test. Finny also passed most difficult huting test KVZPR with I. price and achieved "U" title and won ZPR hunting test with CACT title.  Dorotka also passed higher hunting test PZ succesfully. Health results are: HD 2x BB, 1x CC, ED 3x 0/0.

Bambou´s litters

Litter Give - Abinvale Traguardo x JCH Caline Bambou du Bois de la Rayere

Litter Let - CH Ritzilyn Rick O´Shay x CH, JCH Caline Bambou du Bois de la Rayere "U"

Litter Quantum - Rayleas Mister Copper x CH & JCH Caline Bambou du Bois de la Rayere "U"

Five generations pedigree with pictures and informations

Bambou´s gallery - Puppy & mademoiselle & Adult & 1. litter & 2. litter & 3. litter

Trialer Furyo Noroy du Plessy

ICH, Multi CH, Trialer Stormerick Solomon's Seal

SH.CH. Stormerick Solomon  JW

Stormerick  Kiss from a Rose

Vice et Versa du Bois de la Rayere

Multi CH Beeangee Jumping Jack Flash

ICH Alibren Mon Cheri avec Stanroph

ICH, DUALCH, Multi CH Tommy Girl du Bois de la Rayere

SH.CH. Stanroph Squadron Leader

SH.CH. Steval Mickey Finn at Ivycrest

Stanroph Shere Fantasy

Multi Trialer Moon Light du bois de la Rayere


CH. Mabella James v.d. Beerse Hoeve

Arbutus Ladysmith