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About us

Why golden retriever? I choosed this breed for it´s golden character. Our dogs main trait of character is loving everybody and will to please you. They love best little children, are very gentle to them and let them do what ever they want. They are gentle as well to puppies and little dogs.

Golden retriever is clever and easy to train. It can be train for many different purposes. It´s doing well in obedience, hunting, rescue and last but not least canistherapy. You can do many dog sports with golden retriever like agility, canicross, skijöring ...

I´d like to breed healthy golden retrievers with typical character. It´s most important for me. My goal is to breed real dual purpose goldens.

I used up my practice at veterinary clinic in Finland and imported my foundation bitch from here. Especially because in Scandinavia are compulsary checks not only for HD but as well for ED and hereditary eyes diseases. So I could prove this health values in progenitors and their progeny. Our breeder is golden retriever character tests judge in Finland and he choosed puppy with wonderfull character for me.

Our dogs live with us in house with garden. They can go out freely, but they´re staying near us, when we´re at home. Dogs like best our cottage with large garden and pond for swimimg nearby.