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Univerzal Retriever Winner 2014

Univerzal Retriever Winner 2016

CZ Hunting CH Energy for Fun Brdské Zlato "U"


Wendy - Winner of International Retriever competition     Wendy - 18 months

Breeder: MVDr. Libuše Štorková

Owner: MVDr. Libuše Štorková

  • Born: 1.10.2008

  • HD: AA

  • ED: 0/0

  • OCD: Clear

  • Genetic tests: GR PRA1 N/N, PRA-prcd N/N, GR PRA2 N/N

  • Eyes: Clear (16.10.2015)

  • Hereditary heart and thyroid gland disseases: Clear

  • Height: 55cm

  • Weight: 33kg

  • Teeth: full denture, scissors bite

  • Congeniality:10 generations 8,54%, 12 generations 12,87%

  • Working Tests: PZ I. price, SZVP I. price & full marks & CACT, FTR II. price, MVZPR Zlín 2012 I. price & r.CACT & r.CACIT & Best work in field, PZ I. price & CACT, MVZPR Rokycany 2013 I. price, CACT, Winner of the test, Best work in field and Best work in forest, International Retrievers Competition 2013 II. price, WT L, ZPR I. price, full marks, CACT & Winner of the test, Aros cup 2014 - I. price, 2. place, r.CACT, International Retrievers Competition 2014 I. price, CACT, Winner of the test & Univerzal Retriever Winner 2014 !!!, MVZPR Rokycany 2014 I. price, CACT, Best dog in field & Winner of the test, MVZPR Rokycany 2015 I. price, CACT, Best dog in field & Winner of the test, MSR 2016 I. price, CACT, Winner of the test & Univerzal Retriever Winner 2016 , MSR 2017 I. price, full points, r.CACT, 2. place! 

  • Dog Shows: 3x Very promising 1. place, r.CAC, CAC, Exc. 1 in veterans class, Exc. 1 in honour class 

Wendy is puppy with most melting expresion from all litter Energy of our Jilly. Wendy´s father is excellent English sire Meloak Dancing Storm. Wendy is elegant young lady full of temperament. She´s very good chest, forchest and balanced angulations. She has sweet expresion and very dark pigment, strong bones and free elegant movement. She loves water very much even in cold winter weather. Wendy worked very nice at her first hunting test only 10 months old and passed another one only 2 months later with I. price. She prooved to be excellent hunting dog during her first hunting season at pheasant shootings. Wendy gained her first CACT title at SZVP hunting test in age of 20 months. She added also FTR after her first litter. In 2012 Wendy passed most difficult hunting test MVZPR with I. price, r.CACT, r.CACIT and Best wrk in field titles and so gained title "U". In season 2013 Wendy managed to raise nice litter of ten puppies, gain CACT title at PZ hunting test and then she excelled at MVZPR where she gor I. price and won titles CACT, Winner of the test, Best work in Field, Best work in forest and so also finished most precious title Czech Working Champion! At International Competition for Retrievers gained Wendy II. price. Wendy passed ZPR hunting test with style - I. price, full marks, CACT & Winner of the test. Wendy passed Aros Cup 2014 with very young handler Simona and they achieved 2. place and r.CACT title together. Wendy proved she´s really top hunting dog at our most difficult and prestigious hunting test - International Retrievers Competition 2014. She worked great and won I. price, CACT, Winner of the test & Univerzal Retriever Winner 2014 !!! Wendy proved to be top hunting dog again by winning MVZPR in Rokycany with CACT, best work in field and Winner of all test! It´s really unbelievable but my dear Wendy won I. price, CACT, title for Best work in field and also Winner of all competition at MSR - International Retrievers Competition 2016! MSR 2017 I. price, r.CACT, full points and 2. place!

Wendy proved to be perfect mum with her first litter. She gave birth to 11 strong babies and took perfect care about them. All puppies look very promising and we´re happy to see them grow up. Most of them traveled far abroad but we kept one little girl Fergie - Have More Fun Brdské zlato in coownership. First dog show results of Wendy´s babies are: 11x Very promising 1. place, 2x BOS Puppy and BOB Puppy, 13x CAJC, 5x BOB Junior, BIS Junior, 6x JCH, 2x CCQ, 2x r.CAC, 4x CAC, 6x CC, Club Champion, Russian Champion, 2x CACIB, BOS, Czech Champion. First health results are HD 4x AA, 1x AB, 2x BB, 1x CC, 1x DD, 1x DE and ED 10x 0/0. Fergie passed succesfully OVVR basic test and ZVP hunting test with I. price. Rosalie passed in Austria Wesentest, RBP1, RBP2, GAP1 and BH with high scores.

Wendy´s second Litter Northern was also large - 5 boys and 5 girls. We´re looking forward to see this babies grow up and hope they´ll follow their parents footsteps. Puppies got at their first dog shows Very promising with placings and Noreen - Northern Star Brdské zlato Excellent 3. place first time in Juniors and Excellent 4. place at big club show. Erinka - Northern Sun Brdské zlato won junior class with excellent at regional show and passed very succesfully OVVR hunting test with I. price anf full marks. Noreen also passed ZOP test with Excellent and full points and OVVR test for breeding licence. Noreen also passed succesfully PZ hunting test despite veeery hot weather. Also sister Chloe - Northern Snowflake Brdské zlato passed successfully OVVR basic test. First health results are HD 4x AA, 1x BB, ED 5x 0/0 and 5x OCD negative.

Wendy´s litters

Litter Have - I Get a Kick Out of You av Vervik x Energy for Fun Brdské zlato "U"

Litter Northern - CH DK & NU Thevenet Energia Positiva x Energy for Fun Brdské zlato "U"

Five generations pedigree with pictures and informations

Wendy´s gallery - Puppy & Youngster & Adult & 1. litter & 2. litter & senior

Wendy - searching over ditch

Wendy marking over high grass

Wendy working in pheasantry Konopiště

Wendy searching for duck

Wendy searching for 2 ducks

Shooting in Konopiste pheasantry with Wendy

Wendy - Energy for Fun Brdské zlato "U" - Searching for duck in reeds

Wendy - Energy for Fun Brdské zlato "U" - Retrieving duck from deep water

Wendy - Energy for Fun Brdské zlato "U" - Handling in water

Meloak Dancing Storm

Sh Ch Erinderry Just The Ticket from Bluewaters

Eng. & Irish SH. CH.BOB Crufts 02,BOS Crufts 03 Gunhills Blue River

Ir. Sh. Ch. & Int. Ch. Erinderry Firebird

Sh Ch ,BOB Crufts 07 Dancing Mandolin of Meloak JW

Marjamez My Guy at Rossgilde

Gunhills Dancing Darby

JCH Be My X-mas Angel Brdské zlato

Ashbury Angel Heart

ICH, Fr & LuxCH Taram du Bois de la Rayére
Ashbury Summer Sun

MCH & DualCH Delibes´s Golden Marian "U"

Hiekkakankaan Go-Go-Gunnar
Delibes´s Jig Pulp