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In memoriam


Deep Delight Brdské Zlato "U"



Breeder: MVDr. Libuše Štorková

Owner: Kateřina Wagnerová

  • Born: 28.6.2008

  • HD: AA

  • ED: 0/0

  • OCD: negative

  • Eyes: Clear (27.5.2011)

  • Hereditary heart disseases and hypothyreosis: negative

  • Height: 59cm

  • Weight: 32kg

  • Teeth: full denture, scissors bite

  • Congeniality:10 generations 8,99%, 12 generations 13,57%

  • Working Test: OVVR I. price. PZ I. price, LZ I. price r.CACT, SZVP I. price r.CACT, MVZPR III. price

  • Dog Shows: Very promising 1. place, Excellent 1. place, CAJC

Exterior: Jim is elegant strong male with balance body, strong bones and deep chest. He has excellent neck and topline, excellent angulations front and behind and elegant free movement. Jim has plenty of light gold coat.

Health: Jim is healthy and active young dog. His HD is AA and ED 0/0. He has also many other health checks: schoulders OCD negative, Heart clear and normal thyroid gland. We plann eyes check later. Jim don´t have any digestive or skin problems so comon in our lovely breed.

Temperament: Jim is sweet and lovely dog with a lot of "will to please". He prepares for canistherapy from early age and is doing excellent. He loves all people and also other dogs. He passed basic hunting test OVVR with I. price. He´s likes to work with game and has excellent nose. Jim passed PZ - higher hunting test with I. price in age of 15 months. Next year he added LZ and SZVP hunting tests both with I. price and both with r.CACT title. And then finaly he passes also most difficult MVZPR and gained "U" title to his name.


Jim´s son Wyatt - 5 months   Jimova dcera Gemma - Third Wish from Flawless Carriens r.BIS Puppy

Jimův syn Alex z Líšeňské Planinky - 10 months

Litter A kennel z Líšeňské Planinky - Jim x Bára od Čtyř modřínů

Number litter kennel from Flawless Carriens - Jim x O' Whisperer from Flawless Carriens

kennel od Světlovského potůčku - Jim x Abigail od Světlovského potůčku

Litter B kennel z Líšeňské Planinky - Jim x Bára od Čtyř modřínů

Litter O kennel Rosebelly´s - Jim x Rosebelly´s Irresistible Love

kennel od Světlovského potůčku - Jim x Abigail od Světlovského potůčku

Kennel od Světlovského potůčku - Jim x Honey Angel od Světlovského potůčku

kennel Gold Rebecca - Jim x Dixie Gerix

kennel Goldenpack Marty - Jim x Xirri Goldenpack Marty

Jim´s gallery - Puppy & Adult & Progeny

Ronjalee Ragamuffin at Motlaisa JW

Glenmoray Field Gunner JW

Eng. SH. CH. Ritzilyn Action Replay

Glenmoray Michaella

Eng. SH. CH. Kimwhany Optimist At Ronjalee

Eng. Ch. Ritzilyn Cockney Robin JW

Eng. SH. CH. Kimwhany Next Step

 DualCH & MultiCH Delibes´s Golden Marian "U"

Hiekkakankaan Go-Go-Gunnar

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W-98 Waterloo´s Waltzing Matilda

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