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CZ Hunting CH I´m Your Heart Brdské Zlato "U"


Bisou - 2 years   Bisou - 2,5 years

Breeder: MVDr. Libuše Štorková

Owner: MVDr. Libuše Štorková

  • Born: 15.7.2011

  • HD: AA

  • ED: 0/0

  • OCD: Clear

  • Genetic tests: ICT-A N/N, GR PRA1 N/N, PRA-prcd N/N, GR PRA2 N/N

  • Eyes: Clear (16.10.2015)

  • Hereditary heart and thyroid gland disseases: Clear

  • Height: 53cm

  • Weight: 30kg

  • Teeth: full denture, scissors bite

  • Congeniality:10 generations 6,24%, 12 generations 10,34%

  • Working Tests: OVVR I. price, KPZ I. price, KSZVP I. price & r.CACT, Cup of Svet myslivosti: PZ I. price & r.CACT, SZVP I. price, CACT, Cup of mayor for best water work, absolute winner of the Cup, PZ I. price & r.CACT, WT E, MVZPR II. price, LZ I. price, 2. place, r.CACT, KVZPR I. price, CACT & Winner of the test, LZ I. price, full points, CACT, Winner of the test

  • Dog Shows: 3x Very Promising 1. place, BOB Baby, 3x CAJC, BOB Junior, BIG Junior, 2x r.CAC

Bisou´s now young lady full of temperament. She inherited from her parents lots of energy and talenr for hunting traning. She loves to retrieve all kinds of game from early youth, has very good nose and knows how to use it. She´s easy to handle and work with verve on long distance and in difficult terrains. Bisou passed her basic OVVR hunting test at the age of 10 months and higher hunting test PZ at the age of 11 months just after her first heat. Bisou passed SZVP with I. price and r.CACT in Oboriste and few weeks later achieved great results at Cup of Svet myslivosti. She got r.CACT at PZ hunting test and was Winner of SZVP hunting test with CACT. Bisou won also Cup of mayor for best water work and was absolute winner of the Cup. Before her second Birthday Bisou as well as her brother Winnie managed to pass our most difficult hunting test - MVZPR and added "U" title to their names. Bisou passed also LZ hunting test after her first litter with r.CACT title and Won KVZPR with CACT after her second litter. Bisou finished her Hunting Champion title by winning LZ hunting test with CACT and full points! She works very reliable at duck and pheasant shootings.

Bisou´s also nice dog show results. Her great advantage is her movement which shows her balanced body structure.


Bisou´s first puppies - Litter Power are still very young but doing fine at dog shows with these results: 10x VP1, BOB Baby, BOB Puppy & 2x BIS Baby, Slovakia Baby Champion, 2x CAJC, Best Junior at club show, 15x r.CAC, 17x CAC, 5x CWC, 4x r.CACIB, 3x CACIB, BOS, JCH CZ, CH SK, Regional Winner, CH HU, CH CZ, CH PL, 2x Cruft´s qualification. Sisters Ruby and Eris passed succesfully basic hunting test OVVR. Ruby in age of 6 months and her sister Eris one month later. Also brothers Pino, Perry and Fox passed succesfully OVVR. Ruby passed PZ hunting test with I. price only 16 monts old and her sister Eris just one week later with II. price. Eris passed also ZVP and LZ huntig tests and gain r.CACT title. Pino and Fox also passed their first hunting test ZVP with I. price. Health results are HD 3x AA, 21 CC, 2x BVA 4:4, ED 5x 0/0 and OCD 5x Clear.


Bisou´s second Litter Run is also very promising. 4 babies already attended baby class in 3 different countries and all of them achieved Very promising.  7x VP1, BOB Baby, BIS Baby, BOB Puppy, BIS3 Puppy, BIS2 Puppy, 2x BOB Junior, BIG2 Junior, BOB, BIG3, BIS3 Junior, Regional Winner, CAC, r.CACIB. Rory passed succesfully OVVR with I. price, full marks, youngest out of 14 dogs - 7 months old as Winner of OVVR. Rory also passed PZ hunting test with I. price, CACT and as Winner of the test only 16 month old and ZVP hunting test with I. price only one month later. Rory finished her first season with succefully passed KZVPR hunting test with I. price and r.CACT title only 20 months old! Rory gained next season another CACT title at PZ hunting test and so became CZ Hunting CH in tender age of only 2,5 years!!! Also Molly passed succesfully OVVR with I. price. Health results: HD 2x AA, 2x BB, 1x BC, BVA 7:4 a 4:6, ED 4x 0/0 and 1x 0/2.

Bisou´s litters

Litter Power - CH Rossmix After Rain Comes Sunshine x I´m Your Heart Brdské zlato "U"

Litter Run - CH Il Trovatore Della Val d´Aveto x I´m Your Heart Brdské zlato "U"

Litter Top - CH Hakuna Matata du Pays Sauvage x FTR CH I´m Your Heart Brdské zlato "U"

Bisou´s gallery - Baby & Puppy & Youngster & Adult & 1. Litter & 2. Litter & 3. Litter & Senior

Bisou - searching over ditch

Bisou - marking over high grass

Bisou - working in pheasantry Konopiště 30.11.213

Bisou searching for duck

Bisou searching for 2 ducks

Bisou - I´m Your Heart Brdské zlato - Searching for duck in reeds - 14 months

Bisou - I´m Your Heart Brdské zlato - Retrieving duck from deep water - 14 months

Bisou - I´m Your Heart Brdské zlato - Handling in water - 14 months

Bisou - I´m Your Heart Brdské zlato - Searching for 2 rabbits in forest - 14 months

Video - searching for pheasant and retrieving it from reeds - 9 months

Video - stop whistle with fetch and double marking from water - 8 months

Video - retriev from water and marking across water - 8 months

Video - First training with game - 3,5 months

C.I.B. & FTR CH Churchill Rayleas de L´Orfillec

SH.CH. Stanroph Squadron Leader

Eng. SH. CH. Steval Mickey Finn At Ivycrest

Stanroph Shere Fantasy KCJW

French dual CH, C.I.B., CH SWE U'Molly Sheallag de l'Orfillec

UK CH. Rayleas Dempsey

CH Fr & VDH, Trialer Pastel of Glen Sheallag

CH CZ & PL Crazy Corazon Brdské zlato

CH Ashbury Angel Heart

ICH Taram du Bois de la Rayère

Ashbury Summer Sun

JCH & CH Aireen Brdské Zlato "U"

JCH, ICH, MCH  Asbury Touch The Sky

DualCH & MultiCH Delibes´s Golden Marian "U"