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Working tests

Czech Hunting Champion

Run And Retrieve Brdské Zlato "U"

29.-30.9.2018 - Rory - CZ Hunting CH Run and Retrieve Brdské zlato "U" competed at St. Venceslav Cup. Rory passed both days with II. price and gained 10. place.


25.-26.8.2018 We were for fifth time at our most prestigious hunting competition MSR this time with Rory - CZ Hunting CH Run and Retrieve Brdské zlato "U" . She´s probably youngest dog nominated ever and very short time after her first litter so not ideal condition but we didn´t want to miss this top hunting competition. Rory worked very well at field and water first day with excellent points. Second day in wood was a bit unlucky for us but we passed succesfully despite loosing points. I´m very proud of my girl as she managed to pass so difficult test so young and so short time after her lovely litter! I´m also very proud of Finny - Quantum of Joy Brdské zlato "U" and grandson Enzo Golden Sirius who also passed this difficult test succefully and both are also very young - only 3 years. Big congratulations!

Naše prima skupinka na MSR

We were at PZ hunting test with Rory - Run and Retrieve Brdské zlato "U" on Saturday 18.8. It was held near our home and at nice place. We spent very nice day with friends despite very hot weather. Conditions were difficult for dogs so only 4 dogs out of 15 finished with I. price. Rory was one of them and gained lovely 3. place and as only GR (out of 10) with I. price gained also CACT title! This last CACT makes her also Czech Hunting Champion !!! My sweet girl achived this title only 2,5 years old and what´s more she managed to raise also litter of 8 beautifull puppies meanwhile! Thank you Darling!


4.8.-5.8.2018 - We were with Rory - Run and Retrieve Brdské zlato "U" at first hunting test shortly after her first litter. Her head was still full of puppies so first disciplines were not perfect but then she figered out we´re at hunting test again and worked very nice. First day we passed PZ hunting test with III. price in tropical weather. Second day was a bit better weather and we passed ZVP hunting test with I. price and lost one point only in one discipline. It was very hot but very nice weekend with friends and dogs and we enjoyed it very much!


21.-22.10.2017 - We had wonderfull weekend. Ultrasound confirmed pregnancy of our Eris - JCH Power of Sol Brdské zlato with handsome Multi Jch. Maybe Forever The One And Only on Friday and then we spent lovely and succesfull two days at our most difficult hunting test KVZPR in Kařez. I attended this test with my young girl Rory - Run and Retrieve Brdské zlato "U". She´s only 20 months old so I didn´t hope much we´ll pass. But Rory worked very well all two demanding days passed this test very succesfully and deserved her "U" title. Rory achived I. price, 4. place out of 22 retrievers and also r.CACT title! I´m very proud of my little girl!

9.9.2017 - We were at next hunting test with Rory - Run and Retrieve Brdské zlato. We spent very nice day with friends at Aros cup in Decin. Rory was working nicely we just lacked a bit of luck this time. So Rory passed this test with II. price and 5. place out of 12 retrievers.

Our Rory - Run and Retrieve Brdské zlato passed succesfully her next hunting test. It was ZVP this time. Rory was a bit naughty during water handling but otherwice worked very nice and we enjoyed nice day with friends. Rory passed this test with I. price.         

17.-18.6.2017 - Our Rory - Run and Retrieve Brdské zlato passed her first hunting tests this weekend and was doing great. There was forrest hunting test first day. Rory was doing great first half of test but them I made big big mistake and it was my fault we didn´t succeed. Second day at field hunting test was very hot weather and dogs were also tired from previous day but again Rory was working excellent and I was very proud of her. She managed to get I. price, CACT title and was also Winner of the test only 16 month old!


19.9.2016 - Our Rory - Run and Retrieve Brdské zlato passed succesfully her basic hunting test today. She was youngest out of 14 participants with her 7 month of age but was very brave girl. Rory achieved I. price, full marks in all disciplines, retrieved pheasant in field and duckk from water and so she became Winner of the test! We´re very proud of our little girl!

Rory - OVVR winner