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Litter Top

1.12.2017 - Our Puppies are already 7 weeks old and will leave us soon. They got their vaccination, microchip and tattoo and were very brave. Puppies are big fluffy teddy-bears with a lot of coat. They are very funny and cuddly and we enjoy last days with them a lot. Here are pictures of all puppies before they´ll leave to their new homes:



20.11.2017 - Update of web page is a bit more difficult now but most important is our Puppies are in ideal conditions for their development. They are 5 weeks old and very funny monkeys. They play a lot together, with toys and best toy is their older sister Rory. Puppies eat 4 times per day different kinds of meat and mummy Bisou - CZ FTR CH I´m Your Heart Brdské zlato "U" also gives them a lot of milk despite their sharp teeth. Puppies have their big puppy room but also all garden for their plays. They love to play outside and are not cold at all in their fluffy coats. Puppies are also very clean as they have very quick and easy access outside. We managed to take first stacked pictures of puppies and they were doing fine for only 5 weeks old babies.



3.11.2017 - Next week passed by quickly and our Puppies are 3 weeks old today. They aren´t babies any more but real little dogs. They already walk very nice and sometimes try to run or jump. They learned to use their sight and hearing and are training their vocals. Puppies have already first teeth and they try them on siblings, mummy, toys and all other in their surroundings. Mummy Bisou - CZ FTR CH I´m Your Heart Brdské zlato "U" has  still a lot of milk but puppies started to learn to drink puppy milk from bowl and they got their first meet today. They liked it very much. Puppies play together, with toys and with mummy. We´ll move them to big puppy room soon with direct exit to garden so they´ll start to learn to pee outside.

27.10.2017 - Our Puppies are already two weeks old today. They are growing quickly and gaining weight. Puppies can see and hear now and train howling and barking. They start to be interested in their surrounding and siblings. Their movement improves very quickly and they can walk few steps with no problems now. Puppies got their first deworming and we also cliped their nails. Mummy Bisou - CZ FTR CH I´m Your Heart Brdské zlato "U" still takes wondefull care of her babies but already rest besides whelping box and sometimes cools on terrace. Older sister Rory is alowed to snif and lick puppies now and is very happy. Puppies get puppy milk from bottle two times per day now.

20.10.2017 - Our Puppies are one week old today. They all grow quickly and already doubled their birth weights. Their noses and paws are black and coats rich gold. They sleep and eat all day but can be very loud if not satisfied. Puppies will open their eyes adn ears soon. Bisou - CZ FTR CH I´m Your Heart Brdské zlato "U" is perfect and experienced mummy and takes wonderfull care of her babies. She has enough milk for all 9 puppies so we don´t have to start bottle feeding yet. Bisou spend All her time with her babies but enjoys short walks with other girls in forest. All puppies are already reserved.

Our Litter Top is here! Of course Bisou - CZ FTR CH I´m Your Heart Brdské zlato "U" choose funny date - Friday 13.10.2017. We have 9 babies - 7 boys and only 2 girls. Delivery was easy and without any complications. All puppies are nearly the same weight and dark colour. All are very lively, have nice pigmentation and gained weight during their first day in big world. Bisou has plenty of milk and is excellent and experienced mummy. Bisou gave us really many boys so some of them are available :o)   

1.9.2017 - Ultrasound confirmed that our trip to France was succesfull today. Bisou - CZ FTR CH I´m Your Heart Brdské zlato "U" and VDH CH, Trialer, Etalon Recommandé Hakuna Matata du Pays Sauvage will became parents of golden babies in the middle of october. We´re looking forward our Litter Top very much! 

We had lovely trip to France to meet Bisou´s - CZ FTR CH I´m Your Heart Brdské zlato "U" handsome fioncé VDH CH, Trialer, Etalon Recommandé Hakuna Matata du Pays Sauvage. Bisou and Hakuna enjoyed their meeting very much so we hope we´ll see puppies after 3 weeks in ultrasound.