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News 2020

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Life brings happy and sad moments in a same time. We were very happy about perfect health result of our youngest girl Lupínka - Very Cheeky Monkey Brdské zlato . Lupí´s results are HD AA, ED 0/0 and OCD Clear. So now we are missing only dog shows for her breeding licence. Hopefully some will be allowed soon.

Very sad day came just one day before X-mas. We had to say goodbye to our Jilly - JCH Be My X-mas Angel Brdské zlato. Jilly had long and happy life but still it was hard decision to let her go over the rainbow bridge. We love you and miss you forever!

Two of our litters celebrate Birthdays in december. Litter Have 10. birthday on 12.12. and Litter Be My already 14. birthdays on 15.12. Happy Birthday to all our darlings and especially to our Jilly - JCH Be My X-mas Angel Brdské zlato!

vrh Be My    Vrh Have

21.11.2020 - One year ago was born our Litter Very and our Lupínka - Very Cheeky Monkey Brdské zlato. We wish to Lupí and all her siblings very happy Birthday party, many presents and a lot of treats!

Vrh Very s mamkou Rorynkou

1.8.2020 - We attended with Lupínka - Very Cheeky Monkey Brdské zlato WT test in Konopiste. WT is not my cup of tea, I prefer hunting training, but we live only 10 minutes from the place and it was very good training for Lupí. She was allowed to start in Puppy class even she´s only 8 month old and passed it succesfully. I was very happy she worked fine in group, no problem with all people around, helpers near dummy and so on. We lost points because of heal work which is different for WT but markings, searching and retriveing was great for such teenager and I´m very happy with her work. It was very nice day with friendly atmosphere.

1.8.2020 - Our Litter Ocean celebrates already 7. Birthday! Praline, Orin and Jack we wish you funny Birthday party and many more happy years with your families!

We enjoyed our best week in year - our Traning camp in Roudna very much. Big thanks to Irena and her team for perfect organisation and lot of work! I´m very happy and thankfull that many of owners of our progeny came with their dogs and trained hard all week. This year came Eliška, Berettka, Pino, Molly, Bessy, Lupínka, Zivuška, Arnie, Wendy, Monty, Winnie and Ben from Austria. Thank you!

There was also unofficial dog show at camp so my Lupínka - Very Cheeky Monkey Brdské zlato tryed a bit of dog show atmosphere because we can´t aatend any dog shows because of coronavirus. Lupí was doing fine and got lovely cup for BIS Puppy.

There was also oficial ZVP hunting test in the end of our camp. It was very first hunting test for Eliška - U Are So Beautifull Brdské zlato as well as for her owner. They passed succesfully with III. price. They had problem only at one discipline otherwice very nice marks. Siblings Pino - CH CZ & PL Power of Love Brdské zlato and Eris - JCH Power of Sol Brdské zlato "U" gained both II. price. Great result achieved Pino´s son Xmas Angel od Kamenné hradby I. price and titles CACT and CCT.  Congratulations to everybody!  

28.6.2020 - We celebrate double Birthdays today. Our  Litter Deep celebrates 12. Birthday. Jim with his loving family and Sarah and Dean unfortunately already over the raibow bridge. Our Litter Quantum celebrates 5. Birthdays! We wish to all of you happy Birthday party, good health and lot of joy with your families!

Vrh Deep - 6 týdnů    

12.6.2020 - Beretta - U Are My Beretta Brdské zlato was doing great at her first oficial obedience competition. She was great team with her owner and they achieved together Excellent and nice 5. place in OBZ. Big congratulations!

6.6.2020 - Our Lupínka - Very Cheeky Monkey Brdské zlato passed succesfully her first working test - OVVR. She was only 6 months old and youngest out of 10 competitors. Lupí passed with full points and worked very nice with game. She was Winner of the test and got her first cup. We are very happy!

Our Litter Stay celebrates third Birthday on 26.5.2020. We wish to all darlings  great Birthday party and many many happy and healthy years with their families! 

19.5.2020 "Puppies" from our Litter Crazy celebrates their 13. Birthdays. Some of them are unfortunately already over the rainbow bridge including our beloved Cori. You are in our hearts forever! Happy Birthday to all!

We lost our beautifull Bambou - JCH & CH Caline Bambou du Bois de la Rayere "U" on 22.4.2020. We miss you sweet girl. Thank you for all lovely years with us and for your great children!

26.3.2020 - Our Power litter celebrates 5. birthday today! Many thanks to all owners of our "puppies" for their perfect care! Happy birthday party, lot of presents and treats and many more happy yers with your lovely families!

3.3.2020 celebrates our Litter Let from Bambou - JCH & CH Caline Bambou du Bois de la Rayere "U" already 8. Birthday! We wish to all "puppies" happy Birthday and good health for at least 8 more coming years!

2.2.2020 - Our Litter Run celebrates 4. Birthday today. We wish to all darlings happy Birthday and many happy and healthy years with their families! All the best especially to my perfect hunting partner Rory - CZ Hunting CH Run and Retrieve Brdské zlato "U"! We had only first two weeks of duck huntings and last two weeks of pheasant hunting this year and between was Rory perfect mummy of her second litter.

20.1.2020 - Our Puppies are already all in new homes. At home stay our princess Lupínka - Very Cheeky Monkey Brdské zlato. All puppies are doing great in their new homes and new owners send us many news, pictures and videos. Thank you!


Our progeny was showed in polish Lubin on Sunday. Pino - CH CZ & PL Power of Love Brdské zlato was Excellent 3. place, Eris - JCH Power of Sol Brdské zlato "U" won working class with CWC and fullfilled all condition to become CH PL! Molly - Run And Play Brdské zlato was without coat VG in open class. Congratulations to new Champion title!

Molly   Eris

Last but not least we wish happy 7. birthday to our Litter Make! Beautifull Birthday to all princesses and one prince Maybe! 

3 dny

9.1.2020 - Puppies are 7 weeks old and their new families are looking forward to bring them home already. We are sad but usre we choosed best families for our little ones. Weather is still cold and muddy but puppies don´t mind and enjoy playing in our big garden. They have very thick and fluffy coats and doesn´t care they are little muddy balls. Some puppies are feeling hot inside and prefere to sleed ourtside. 

5.1.2020 - Weather is wet and muddy but we managed to take new standing pictures of puppies. We already know where girls will travel with boys will decision take one or two more days. Pink girl will stay at home with her mummy and granny and we call her Lupínka - Very Cheeky Monkey Brdské zlato :o)



2.1.2020 - Puppies are 6 weeks old and time to say goodbye is getting near. One little princess will stay with us so it won´t be so paintfull. Puppies now explore all our big garden (5000m) under supervision. They will try traveling by car and new places in nature soon. Silvestr and fireworks were no problem with puppies, They enjoyed their midnight meal as usual and then played in outside run and din´t care about fireworks at all. Puppies will get next deworming today and soon also first vaccination, tattoo and microchip and will be ready to leave us.

We received nice news from Austria. Ben´s - Top Heart Brdské zlato oficial health results are HD AA, ED Borderline (grade between 0 and 1 in Austria) and OCD Clear. Congratulations!