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In memoriam


Litter Deep

Date of birth 28.6.2008

2 males and 1 female

  HD ED Eyes Health checks Dog Shows Working tests
Deep Delight Brdské zlato "U"


AA 0/0 OK OCD, heart and hypothyreosis neg. Very promising 1. place, Excellen 1. place CAJC

OVVR I. price

PZ I. price

LZ I. price r.CACT

SZVP I. price r.CACT


CH CZ & SK & PL, VetCH CZ & SK & PL Deep Devotion

Brdské zlato


BB 0/0 OK, PRA-prcd, GR PRA1 & PRA2 N/N Clear OCD, heart and hypothyreosis neg. CAJC, 6x r.CAC, 17x CAC, National Winner, r.CACIB, CH CZ, CH SK, CH PL, MultiCH, Veteran CH CZ & SK & PL

OVVR II. price


KPZ I. price

CH CZ & CZ Hunting CH, CZ Vet CH

Deep Desire Brdské zlato "U"


BB 0/0 OK OCD, heart and hypothyreosis neg. Very promising 1. place, 3x r.CAC, 5x CAC, r.CACIB, CH CZ, 3x Exc.1. in veteran´s class, Czech Veteran CH

OVVR I. price, full marks

PZ I. price, full marks & r.CACT

FTR II. cena

LZ I. price CACT

SZVP I. price

MVZPR III. price

St. Wenceslau cup - 2. place, LZ CACT and PZ r.CACT

VZPR Dejmek memorial I. price

WT E 3. place

SZVP I. price r.CACT

ZPR I. price, 2. place, CACTI. KSZR I. price & r.CACT

Canistherapy exam


Sarah     Jim     Dean




Mimi troy


Multi CH DualCH Delibes´s Golden Marian "U"


Health:  HD BB, ED, OCD and Eyes Clear

Dog Shows: 8x r.CAC, 13x CAC, 5x r.CACIB, 2x CACIB, National Winner, Czech, Slovakia & Hungary Champion

Work: OVVR, Canistherapeutic exam, KSZVP I. price - r.CACT, KPZ I. price - CACT & Winner of KPZ, MVZPR - I. price CACT, Czech Working Champion, I. International competition for retrievers III. price, Czech Working Champion


Ronjalee Ragamuffin at Motlaisa JW


Health: HD BVA 3:3, Eyes Clear

Dog Shows: JW, BOB, BPIS, BP


Puppies´s pedigree:

Ronjalee Ragamuffin at Motlaisa JW

HD BVA 3:3, eyes neg.

Glenmoray Field Gunner JW

HD BVA 9:7, eyes neg.

Eng. SH. CH. Ritzilyn Action Replay

HD BVA 7:6, eyes neg.

Glenmoray Michaella

HD BVA 11:12, eyes neg.

 Eng. SH. CH. Kimwhany Optimist At Ronjalee

HD BVA 6:6, eyes neg.

Eng. Ch. Ritzilyn Cockney Robin JW

BVA Hip Score 8:6, eyes neg.

Eng. SH. CH. Kimwhany Next Step

HD BVA 4:4, eyes neg.

news.h3.jpg (37947 bytes)

CH CZ & HU Delibes´s Golden Marian

HD BB, ED, OCD and eyes neg.

Cnv2375.jpg (68146 bytes)

Hiekkakankaan Go-Go-Gunnar

HD AA, ED 0/0, eyes neg.

ICH & FIN CH & W-00 Dream Max Drop Zone

HD AA, ED 1/0, eyes neg.

dream max drop.jpg (24601 bytes)

W-98 Waterloo´s Waltzing Matilda

HD AA, eyes neg.

Delibes´s Jig Pulp

HD AA, ED 0/0, eyes neg.

FIN CH Tyrnikarin Jesber

HD AA, ED 0/0, eyes neg.

Delibes´s Smooth Topaz

HD BB, ED 0/1, eyes neg.