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In memoriam



Litter A

Born 18.8.2004

3 males and 4 females

  HD ED Eyes Health Dog shows Working tests

Allain Brdské Zlato

BA 0/0   OCD  and heart neg. VP, VP4, Exc3, Exc OVVR III.cena, RH-E, ZPV A
Anthony Brdské Zlato AA 0/0   OCD  and heart neg. VP  
Arctic Brdské Zlato BVA 8:5 0/0   OCD  and heart neg. VP, 4x Exc 4, 2x Exc 3, 2x Exc 2, res.CAC OVVR I. price, 2. place, SZVP II.price, PZ I.price
JCH & CH  Aireen Brdské Zlato "U" AA 0/0 OK OCD, heart and hypothyreosis neg. 2xVP1, 4x r.CAC, 4x HPJ, 6x CAC, CACIB, 4x BOB Junior, BOS, BOB, BIG2, res. BIS Junior OVVR I. price, Winner, PZ 2x I. price, Winner, r.CACT,  NFTR - I.price, SZVP I.price, MVZPR II.price
Amilie for Delibes´s Brdské Zlato BC 0/0  OK VP2, 2x BOB Puppy, Exc2, Exc1, BB 2, CC  
Amy-Bett Brdské Zlato AB 0/0  OK OCD neg.  Exc3  OVVR I.price
JCH, CH SK & PL Arctic Sky Brdské Zlato AA 0/0  OK OCD neg. 2x VP1, 2x CAJC, BOB Junior, BIS Junior, BIS couple, 12x r.CAC, 16x CAC, res.CACIB, 4x CACIB, 2x BOB, BIG3, Winner of special show  OVVR I.cena, PZ III. price


Puppy photos

JCH Ashbury Touch The Sky

ICH, JCH, Multi CH Ashbury Touch The Sky

Delibes´s Golden Marian - 18 months

CH HU&CZ Delibes´s Golden Marian

JCH, MCH Ashbury Touch The Sky

Styal Santa Baloo

SH CH Stanroph Soldier Boy

Styal Sacharissa

Ashbury Peace And Love

MCH & ICH & Trialer Paudell Pure Passion

ICH & Trialer Ashbury Lovely Lisane

CH CZ & HU Delibes´s Golden Marian

Hiekkakankaan Go-Go-Gunnar

ICH & FIN CH & W-00 Dream Max Drop Zone

W-98 Waterloo´s Waltzing Matilda

Delibes´s Jig Pulp

FIN CH Tyrnikarin Jesber

Delibes´s Smooth Topaz