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In memoriam



Stud dog

Fi & Est CH Be My X-mas Star Brdské Zlato


Rimi´s children

     Rimi - 2,5 years

Breeder: MVDr. Libuše Štorková

Owners: Liss-Mari Martikainen & Kari Kivelä (Finsko)

  • Born: 15.12.2006

  • HD: BB

  • ED: 0/0

  • Eyes: negative (2008)

  • Weight: 38kg

  • Teeth: complete denture, scissors bite

  • Congeniality:10 generations 7,23%, 12 generations 11,31%

  • Working Tests: Dummy test, NOU 1

  • Dog Shows: 2x BOB Puppy, 4x r.CC, 5x CC, 4x BOS


Exterior: Rimi is young dog with strong bones and nicely balanced body. He has handsome masculine head with lovely expresion. His other advantages are broad and deep chest, good angulations front and behind, elegant long neck and straight legs with cat paws. His movement is free and spacious. Rimi´s show carier was very succesfull and rapid. He gained titles 2x BOB Puppy, 4x r.CC, 4x CC and 4x BOS till 2 years of age. He become Finish Champion in minimum age of 24 months and Estonian Champion only few months later !!! Also his sibling are doing fine at dog show at home and also abroad.

Health: Rimi has HD BB, ED 0/0 and Eyes clear. Rimi doesn´t have any digestive or skin problems so comon in our lovely breed. Also his siblings have excellent health results. Result of his sperm test is Excellent.

Temperament: Rimi is very active and sweet dog and loves to be cudled. He loves people and also other dogs. He´s working with excellent speed and likes it very much especially work with game. Rimi successfully passed Finish NOU hunting test in age of only 8 months and is qualified for Field trials. He also helps to his owners during hunting trips to Lapland.

Pedigree: Rimi´s father is young but already famous stud dog Ashbury Angel Heart from France. He´s son of one of most famous stud dogs in present Taram. Also both his grandfathers Must and Scott are famous stud dogs with a lot of wonderfull progeny all over Europe. Rimi´s mum MultiCH & DulaCH Delibes´s Golden Marian "U" comes from Finland. Her ascendats are excellent Finish and Swedish dogs. Rimi´s ascendants pass to their progeny not only excellent conformation but also very good hunting abilities. Many of them are ICH and CH but also Trialers.

Video - last CC for Finish Champion title

Rimi´s photogallery - Puppy, Youngster & Adult & Progeny

Ashbury Angel Heart

ICH, Fr & LuxCH Taram du Bois de la Rayére

MCH ICH Beeangee Jumping Jack Flash

ICH & Trialer Alibren Mon Cheri avec Stanroph

Ashbury Summer Sun

MCH & ICH & Trialer Paudell Pure Passion

ICH & Trialer Ashbury Lovely Lisane

MCH & DualCH Delibes´s Golden Marian "U"

Hiekkakankaan Go-Go-Gunnar

ICH & FIN CH & W-00 Dream Max Drop Zone

W-98 Waterloo´s Waltzing Matilda

Delibes´s Jig Pulp

FIN CH Tyrnikarin Jesber

Delibes´s Smooth Topaz


More detailed pedigree


If you are interested in mating with Rimi or want to know some more informations please contact Rimi´s owner: Liss-Mari Martikainen (Finland) or breeder: MVDr Libuše Štorková - e-mail, tel: +420 603 462 985.