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Show Results 2003

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Delibes´s Goden MarianInternational Dog Show 7.-8.2.2004, judge, I.Naggy, HU, intermediate, Excelent 2. place, res.CAC

Judgement: is unfortunately in Hungarian

Delibes´s Goden Marian, Club Show 25.10.2003, judge S. Lane GB, young class, Very good

Judgement: sweet head, good neck, good shoulders, good line of back, little bit wider elbows, could be better bound

Delibes´s Goden Marian, International Dog Show České Budějovice 11.10.2003, judge Hana Ahrens A, young class, Excellent 4. place

Judgement: bitch with strong bones and good proportions, elegant bitch head, very well developt chest and forchest, straight and firm back, excellent angulations front and back, movement still discomposed

Delibes´s Goden Marian, International Dog Show Brno 28.6.2003, judge MVDr. Josef Nosek CZ, young class, Excellent

Judgement: compact maybe little bit too well fed bitch, head is not fully developt yet, correct body composition and rich coat changing from juvenil to adult, correct character and presentation

Delibes´s Goden Marian, International Dog Show Praha 14.6.2003, judge Anna Goldfusová CZ, young class, Very good

Judgement: creamy bitch with dark pigment, higher frame, head with good pigment and parameters, gibbous loin in movement, propensity for french poise, higher back in movement, excellent showed off, nice relationship between owner and dog

Delibes´s Goden Marian, Club Dog Show 11.5.2003, judge P. Edwards GB, young  class, Very good

Judgement: unfortunately we don´t have judgement in english and czech translation is full of nonsences

Delibes´s Goden Marian, International Dog Show České Budějovice 26.4.2003, judge Mgr. Milan Hampl CZ, young class, Very good

Judgement: young bitch, noble head, dark eye, dark nose pigment, scissors bite, neck muscling and development of chest according to age, rectangular frame, steep back, good mechanics of movement

Delibes´s Goden Marian, International Dog Show Brno 8.2.2003, judge Štefan Janega (SK), puppy class, Very promising

Judgement: dark brown eye, scissors bite, good developt young 7 month old bitch, correct head, correct upper and lower line, well developt and enought deep chest for her age, correct angulation of hind legs, correct mechanics of movement, calm character